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How does the process work?

From the telling of your story to the creation of your keepsake book, our goal is your complete satisfaction.


This is accomplished through open communication and our client approval process to ensure that there are no surprises and your story is told the way you want it.

We’ll guide you through an interview process that’s been mindfully planned, covering your most meaningful memories and where you feel supported, heard, and unrushed.

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How to prepare for your interview:

Everyone has a story to tell, no matter your age, health, circumstances or life experiences. By documenting your story, you can preserve and pass along the important information, wisdom and life-lessons that you value to those you love. 


You will be put at ease by our experienced interviewers, who will guide you to revisit memories, spark conversations and provide space for reflection. The process culminates with a unique and beautiful keepsake book to be treasured as a legacy for generations to come. 

To help prepare for our first interview session, please take some time to consider the following questions:


  1. Looking back on your childhood, can you describe a childhood memory that is still important to you? What about your young adulthood? 

  2. Who were the most impactful family members in your life growing up? What should we know about them? What were their stories?

  3. What were some important milestones in your life?

  4. What historical events did you live through, and how did they impact you?

  5. What are some life lessons that have been important to you?

  6. What values would you like to pass down?

  7. What would you like future generations to know about you and your family?

The entire, unedited video interview can be provided to our clients as well. (Speak to us about an edited video option.)

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