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Turn a lifetime
of stories into the story of
your life

We turn your stories, memories, and photos into a Life Story book your family will cherish — today, tomorrow, and forever.

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people looking at picture album

Bring the story of your life out of the past and onto paper. 

You deeply want to share your stories, and the people who love you surely want to hear them. But you may have found that writing your own autobiography is a task so huge, you’ve given up before you’ve even started.

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At Capture Your Story...

we believe that everyone’s life is a unique story that deserves to be told — and that telling it should be an uplifting, meaningful, stress-free (and fun!) experience.


We combine gentle, supportive interviews, a careful writing process, and exquisite design with an approval process that ensures that every client is thrilled with the final outcome.

Real Life Stories

We're honored to have been entrusted by our clients to capture their precious stories. We look forward to capturing yours.

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Memories fade and moments pass, but the Life Story you leave lasts forever.

From preserving your family’s legacy to experiencing the joy of revisiting old memories, there are so many reasons to create a Life Story book. When you create a Life Story book, you do so much more than just tell some stories.

Why is it important to tell your story?

Sharing your life story allows you to:


Reflect on your life and the events that have shaped you in a therapeutic manner, helping you to process and make sense of difficult or challenging experiences


Inspire your loved ones to overcome their challenges by reading about how you overcame your own


Document and preserve your own legacy as well as your family’s, creating a lasting heirloom that will be cherished by your family for generations to come

“The Life Story book is great, well-produced, and wonderfully put together by Ilana.  We couldn't have done this on our own, so we are greatly indebted to Ilana."

- Barbara and Brian Wolkind


Meet Ilana:
Your Storytelling  Guide

I created Capture Your Story with one mission in mind: to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to share the stories and messages that mean the most to them with their loved ones. 

As a trained social worker, I've dedicated myself to preserving the stories and wisdom of older adults. Now our team of professional writers and graphic designers have come together to ensure that your story gets told exactly the way you want it. Let's bridge the gap between generations and create a lasting legacy together.

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capture your story

You’ve lived a full and vibrant life. Celebrate it with an heirloom book all your own. 

Your story is waiting to be told. But writing, editing, designing, printing, and publishing your own book takes time, effort, and experience, which you don’t have.

That’s why at Capture Your Story, we take care of everything. All you have to do is tell your story. We’ll do the rest. 

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