Capture Your Story


Capture Your Story was born out of a passion for getting to know people by listening to them share their most treasured memories.


Growing up in a multi-generational family, I was given the rare gift of hearing my grandparents' and even great-grandparents' stories first-hand.


A precious lasting legacy.


As a marketing director with a background in social work, I understand the value of a well-crafted narrative in making a lasting impact, while always maintaining the value of honoring people's stories. Combining these two passions - hearing people's stories and chronicling and preserving them faithfully - is the goal of Capture Your Story.

If you have been thinking about documenting your own story, or the stories of your relatives, do it now while you still can.


Creating a Life Story book will ensure that your - and your loved ones' - memories and values will be preserved and treasured by future generations. 

Together, we will capture your story!

Ilana Sinclair