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Bob's Story

When Bob’s daughter first came to us to discuss the possibility of working together, he had already been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. We understood that time was of the essence, and worked together to complete his project as quickly and comfortably as we could.


It was incredibly moving to receive a message from him after we had completed his book in which he shared how much he treasured having the opportunity to read his book together with his grandchildren.


Sample Pages

"Initially, when our daughter suggested being interviewed for a Life Story book, I couldn’t imagine my life would be interesting to my family and friends.

However, Andye, an incredible journalist, drew out my memories from my childhood, adolescence, college, and career and messages to my children and grandchildren that I find myself reading repeatedly. Ilana is wonderful to work with - professional, gets back to you promptly, is extremely detail oriented, very pleasant to work with and takes pride in her editing.

My friends are thrilled to be mentioned in the book, and my children and grandchildren are reading stories about their grandparents and great-grandparents they had never heard before.​ If you have a story to tell or don't know that you do, then Capture Your Story will help you."


Your  story  is waiting to be told.

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