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A message from our Founder

Hi, I'm Ilana, and I believe that if you don't know the stories of the people who came before you, you don't really know yourself.

Have you ever wondered about certain values, traditions, or inherited traits that your family shares? They might have their origins in events you don't even know about but might come to understand if you just ask the right questions.

Are you looking to increase your sense of gratitude and wonder? Spend some time listening to stories of how your parents and grandparents grew up, and I can practically guarantee you won't take your comfortable life for granted.

I don't know about you, but I want my children and (hopefully) future grandchildren to know where their family came from, what their ancestors endured, and what our responsibilities are, having been given so many gifts through their sacrifices. But how can I expect them to understand, unless I share those stories with them?

So, I implore you: for the sakes of your children and future generations, PLEASE, ask those important questions of your loved ones today. If you need help or guidance on how to get started, I'm here and happy to be a resource. I promise you'll never regret it.


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