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Telling your story

I know it feels overwhelming to tell your entire life story to a stranger.

But here’s the thing.

Your interviewer and personal memoir writer will only be a stranger for a couple of minutes.

Let me share with you the inspiring story of Myra, an 80-year-old powerhouse. For years, she held onto her parents' incredible Holocaust survivor stories, unsure how to bring them to light. However, when Myra made the decision to tell her own story, something extraordinary happened.

She connected with Aviva, her writer, in such a profound way that Aviva became more than just a professional. Their bond grew so strong that Aviva even warranted a mention in Myra's own Life Story book. It was a testament to the deep friendship and connection they formed.

When Myra visited Israel, she had the chance to meet Aviva in person, solidifying their bond as lifelong friends. What started as a writer-client relationship has blossomed into a remarkable friendship built on trust, respect, and the shared goal of capturing and honoring Myra's life story.


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