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Creating Authentic Connections: Hear Ilana on the Crescendo podcast

In this episode of CRESCENDO, you’ll meet Ilana Sinclair, founder of Capture Your Story, a business dedicated to preserving individuals' cherished memories and life stories for future generations.

Ilana shares her journey from working in Jewish nonprofits and as a marketing director to starting her own business, driven by her passion for writing and her concern about the potential loss of personal histories during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She discusses the challenges and rewards of transitioning into entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, learning through trial and error, and maintaining a personal connection with clients. Ilana also highlights the significance of sharing life stories, including difficult moments, as they foster deeper connections and impart valuable lessons to future generations. While sharing her experience as an entrepreneur, Ilana affirms that every life is unique and worth documenting.


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