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Learning about yourself through telling your story

One of the most amazing and rewarding things about writing your memoir is what you learn about yourself. Through a process of soul searching, one must determine which version of themselves to pass along to future generations.

Capturing your story is your opportunity to share your point of view about your life. In the telling of each person's story, inevitably there will be some hard moments. When we tell our own story, we get to decide which moments to include and which to exclude, which to gloss over and which to focus on. Memories and relationships can be complicated.

Do you want those challenging memories with your loved ones, your parents, your kids, to be memorialized for posterity? Or would you rather focus only on the good?

Each person gets to decide for themselves how they tell their story. And if you allow yourself to go through this process, even just once in your life, you might be surprised how much you learn about yourself.


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