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Mother's Day

Among the many (oh, so many) roles our mothers play in our lives, traditionally, they have also been the keepers of family history and memories.

Gathered around the hearth or the kitchen table, women shared tales of their ancestors and passed down wisdom and knowledge to younger generations. These stories often contained important lessons about life, love, and morality, and they served as a way for women to connect with their past and honor the legacy of their ancestors.

Today, our mothers juggle so many roles, but this one has remained the same. So many of our clients have told us how their mothers were the heart of their homes and the keepers of family secrets, knowledge, and wisdom.

So this Mother's Day, we urge you to ask your mother to share her stories with you. Sit with her over a cup of tea or coffee and ask her about her childhood, her favorite memories, and the people who have had the biggest impact on her. Ask her about her family's traditions and how they've evolved over time, or ask about her favorite family recipes and the stories behind them.

Let's take a moment to honor the women in our lives who have kept our family's legacy alive, and let's commit to preserving that legacy for future generations to come.


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