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Music to our ears

Many of our clients come to us in the early stages of dementia. That's why we get so excited when we hear about findings that can potentially help improve our clients' outcomes.

This article offers a promising one:

“Music has been called a ‘full-body workout’ for the brain, and we think that it’s unique because it calls on multiple systems at once.”

Of course, as the article states, "To mitigate your dementia risk, it’s also important to stay active most days of the week, eat a Mediterranean-style diet, stay social by connecting with loved ones, and seek help for chronic health issues like depression, high cholesterol, and sleep disorders."

Our clients often report to us that their regularly-scheduled interview sessions have helped tremendously with lifting their spirits, helping them to feel less alone and isolated, and bringing back long-forgotten happy memories - all of which can contribute to an improvement in mental health, which is music to our ears.


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