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Thanksgiving memories

What does the word Thanksgiving evoke for you? The smells of the delicious food? The sound of your relatives' laughter? The feeling of being together?

For us, it brings up all of those things and more. Thanksgiving was often the one time during the year when everyone in the family got together and feel relaxed. It wasn't a religious holiday, there were no presents that could disappoint...only good food, family, and gratitude for having made it to that moment.

When we conduct our interviews, we often ask about special holiday memories and ask our clients to describe them in the most descriptive, sensory ways possible, so that whoever reads this book in the future will be able to imagine exactly what it was like to be there, from the smells to the sounds and tastes.

Have you thought about capturing these memories on paper? Maybe take some time this year to interview your older relatives about their favorite Thanksgiving memories. You might be surprised by what you learn.

And if you want some help, that's exactly why we're here.


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