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The lost art of letter writing

As we're preparing to send our daughter off to sleepover camp, the topic of letter-writing has come up in our family. How many of you regularly write letters or cards? There is something innately beautiful about sharing one's thoughts, feelings, or musings, in your own handwriting, with a loved one.

So often, we quickly send off a text message with some emojis and call it a day. But there is nothing quick about opening up a hand-addressed letter received in the mail from a loved one. We take our time with it, savoring the entire experience. We notice the effort made. The unique penmanship of this special human being who has taken the time to communicate only with us elevates something simple to something sublime.

How much more do we cherish handwritten cards and notes from loved ones who have passed away?

Take some time today and write a letter to a friend or loved one. We promise it won't go unappreciated.


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