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Saying goodbye, and thank you

Sidney Poitier, the iconic, legendary Oscar-winning actor, passed away last week.

In this interview from 2013, he tells CBS News' Lesley Stahl a remarkable story about an act of kindness that changed his life. In telling this story, Poitier gets emotional as he shares the story of an elderly Jewish waiter who taught him to read, enabling his acting career to take off.

So often, we don't get the opportunity or muster the courage to let people know how much they have impacted us until it is too late. Think about it - when do most of us share our deepest feelings of love and gratitude for another person? At that person's funeral.

When our clients record their life stories, they get the chance to reflect on and share the moments and people that had the most significant impact on their lives - and their loved ones get the chance to learn and discuss those stories with them - a precious legacy.


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